Why is it worth to perform audit?

Do you have the impression that the selected area in your e-business does not work as it should, but you need support in a detailed assessment of the situation? Or maybe you need a fresh look at the condition of the entire e-commerce, to know where hidden potential lies, and where do the inflammatory spots occur? Start with an audit to get a reliable diagnosis and know what to focus on to generate growth. From us you will receive:

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An expert look from the outside

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Audit scope and depth tailored to your needs

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Indication of prioritizaties and quick-wins

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Analysis done with strong business orientation

Types of audits

The audit offer is based on our experience that sometimes a comprehensive diagnosis is needed, and sometimes a detailed and in-depth examination of a single aspect. We can help you in the following areas:

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An original audit of a functioning online store, consisting of a dozen or so areas – from UX, through technology to pricing. The aim is to map the entire e-commerce as much as possible and then indicate the fields for optimization and quick-wins. The audit is of a business and specialist nature. It means that it contains specific recommendations for changes, but above all facilitates making decisions on what and in what order to invest in order to increase sales and profit.

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Audit focused on increasing sales by optimizing conversions in your e-store. Due to the fact that the conversion factor is not only influenced by UX, the audit also covers many other areas, such as, among others: marketing and communication on site, value proposition, content, customer service or analytics. Now you can take care not only about how to gain traffic, but also about how to optimize it and be better than the competition!

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Audit focused on increasing sales by examining the sources of traffic in your e-store, and then – recommending optimization. Traffic acquisition is not only SEO (on site and off site), so our audit also covers areas such as PPC and remarketing activities, offsite marketing and communication, value proposition, social media, content marketing, and finally – analytics to check if the data are collected properly.

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Price is one of the biggest profit margins in business, and often neglected – only 12% of companies in Poland declare professionalism in the approach to prices. The audit includes examining the current pricing policy in your e-commerce, focusing amongst others the presentation of the offer or the balance between promotions and top sellers and the rest of the products. It is based on detailed interviews, expert data analysis and other factors. The effect is specific recommendations for changes.

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We will examine your code status, application performance and integration, up-to-date and compliance of documentation, architecture, and even optimal use and configuration of equipment. The audit is ideal before acquisitions, resumption of work on a long-term application, or simply when you want to get an independent opinion before implementation.


Below you will find a brief description of how the audit works step by step, regardless of the scope.

Let’s meet or get in touch by phone to talk about your requirements. You can expect us not only to listen carefully, but also to ask a number of questions that will help us better capture the specificity of your business.

After analyzing your requirements, we will present the proposed scope of the audit, including a work schedule and a cost estimate.

Before starting the audit, we arrange a detailed interview with the people involved on your company’s side and we make sure that we have received all the necessary materials and access.

The realization of the audit is coordinated by a dedicated project manager, who is responsible for ongoing communication and an efficient, timely completion of works.

At the end, you receive an electronic version of the report from us, followed by an additional consultation to discuss the results of the audit.



You can independently implement the conclusions from the audit, based on the recommendations contained in the report.


We can support you in the implementation, e.g. as part of a consulting package in selected areas.


You can independently implement the conclusions from the audit, based on the recommendations contained in the report.


We can support you in the implementation, e.g. as part of a consulting package in selected areas.


Tailor-made audit

Are you interested in a specific audit or need help choosing? Write or call us – together we will choose the best range for your business.

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