Our interdisciplinary growth hacking team can support you in your everyday activities in e-business and guide the development of your e-commerce. What is characteristic of such a team?

Data-based operation

Interdisciplinary approach

The use of technology

Agility and flexibility

What is growth hacking?

We combine knowledge in the field of analytics, IT, SEM, e-commerce and UX while working agile, seeking ever new ways to grow. There are many factors that contribute to the successful development of e-business. These factors give the best results at the time of synergy, rather than operating in separate silos. Thanks to this, such an interdisciplinary approach may “hack” the growth of your business.

We focus not only on people and combining knowledge from different fields, but also on how we work and how we manage projects. Using an agile approach, we are able to react quickly and adapt to changes in a demanding business environment. Equally easy we adapt to work with unusual projects and business models, which due to their specificity, require a specific approach.


Each case is individual, but we can distinguish several solid steps that appear in the course of cooperation:

Let’s meet or get in touch by phone to talk about your requirements. You can expect us not only to listen carefully, but also to ask a number of questions that will help us better capture the specificity of your business.

Let’s start with the workshops. This is one of the most effective ways to get to know each other, share roles in a team and set priorities for the first weeks of cooperation. We can then set goals and key indicators that we want to observe and optimize.

In the first weeks of cooperation, we thoroughly examine your e-commerce in many aspects, looking for bottlenecks and completely unused areas of growth. On this basis, we create a list of tasks, or backlog, for implementation in subsequent stages of our work, which we divide into 1, 2 or 4-week sprints.

Implementing new sprints, we develop new functionalities, acquire new traffic, test, analyze and automate. Everything to help you constantly grow your business. We implement some changes, and we use the rest of your existing resources to make the most effective use of it.

We write, discuss and prioritize all current ideas. However, we do not deal with them right away, we just wait until the current sprint is over. We do it in order not to delay the effects of current work, which can bring a working solution to support your business today.


Increased traffic

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Increased convertion

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Increased basket size

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Lower costs

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