We work in the spirit of agile, putting working software and cooperation over processes, tools and sticking to the plan. That is why, the websites and applications created by us meet specific goals and business objectives, without unnecessary complications and high technology debt.

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A wide technological stack

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Support from architecture to maintenance

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Methodologies allowing flexibility

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Scalable solutions and microservices


If you have only an idea, we can help you to implement it from A to Z. However, if you have already started work or need help or consultation with an existing site, here are the areas in which we can help you:


Do you plan a large project or do not know how to integrate the new application with the existing infrastructure? Or maybe you are not convinced that you have included all elements in the project or if the technologies chosen will work well with each other? As part of architecture planning, we will create a virtual map for your project, select technology and make sure that the technical infrastructure will be easy to develop further, deprived of high technological debt.


Do you already have a project, specific requirements and need someone who will effectively implement the solution you have designed or will continue to work on an existing service? We support many technologies and undertake work from the deepest backend to the frontend. We work alone or with your team, taking responsibility for effective coordination of the work of all parties involved.


We are not limited to creating software, but also take care of its proper maintenance, updating and developing new functionalities. So if you have a website or application and you care about its stability and performance over time, as well as lightness in its current development and implementation process with minimal impact on the availability of the service, we encourage you to cooperate in the field of DevOps. We will help you create and maintain a highly automated and stable work environment for the implementation team.


We approach each project individually, preferring business requirements over the solutions available on the market. Below you will find a brief description of what the beginning of cooperation and further work with our teams look like.

Let’s meet or get in touch by phone to talk about your requirements. You can expect us not only to listen carefully, but also to ask a number of questions that will help us better capture the specificity of your business. We can also help you formulate a detailed specification as part of additional consultations or workshops.

After analyzing your requirements, we will present a framework project plan, including a schedule, division of responsibilities in the team and a cost estimate. With smaller and medium-sized projects, we are able to quickly move to action. For large projects, we start with the creation of architecture, while with those already existing, one should take into account the additional time needed to take over the service and become familiar with the code.

Then the project is reduced to specific tasks, which we define together and arrange according to priorities, thus creating a backlog, that is a list of tasks to be carried out in the project. This list is never closed, we are expanding it and we are modifying it as a result of work progress in the project, increasing the scope of activities or business changes.

Regardless of the design methodology chosen, we first try to get the so-called Proof of Concept or MVP, which is a product that meets the minimum but key functionalities to quickly collide with recipients and verify initial assumptions. Then we develop it in subsequent iterations, improved on the basis of feedback from users.

We can end cooperation by achieving a specific definition of done and fulfilling project assumptions or in combination with our growth-hacking team, we strive for continuous development of applications and implementation of further functionalities in order to maximize sales, conversions or other assumptions of your project.


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Technology tailored to your needs

A stable, easy to develop environment

A measurable increase in business effects

Proactive development support

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