Simple solutions to complex problems

Today's e-commerce must be flexible and ready for quick deployments, without the risk of losing stability or reducing efficiency. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to these requirements.

So we created a set of products that properly configured can meet the needs of any e-business. We divided them into storefronts and microservices. Welcome to e‑com.PLATFORM.

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Storefronts – ready-to-use stores and apps

Depending on the specifics and needs of your e-business, we offer a variety of ready-made solutions to quickly create an efficient e-store.

Start selling quickly and efficiently by combining the Magento 2 ready-made solution with our extensive experience.


Get started with a fast and efficient B2B sales by combining the ready-made Magento 2 solution with our extensive experience.


Create a mobile app integrated with your online store to deliver value to your most loyal customers.


Create an eStore that is a regular website but runs smoothly like a native application using our proprietary Progressive Web Application solution.


Microservices for stable and efficient processes

To increase customer satisfaction and have a better control over the sales process, use ready-made microservices.

Create high-quality product content and ensure its consistency at every step of the customer's journey.


Process hundreds of orders from your apps simultaneously using an integration with the central checkout and payment gateways.


Upload and edit content with dedicated editing panels tailored to your content and products.


Integrate various systems in your company and maintain data consistency thanks to our API standards.


Increase customer satisfaction by offering a single account for all your apps, while ensuring the consistency of the data you collect.


Integrate your apps and get full access to your platform.


Engage customers with rich content on specific product pages, build landing pages for your marketing campaigns and write your company blog.


Integration reliability and efficiency

E-commerce business is not only an online store, but also an integration with marketplaces and advertising networks, effective warehouse management and efficient logistics. We will also help you with that.
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Infrastructure security and scalability

We take care of the stability of your e-commerce using only proven solutions that ensure business continuity, security and scalability.
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Flexible payment model

Use stable e-commerce technologies in the payment model that is most convenient for you.

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Private Cloud (SaaS model)

Reduce the costs of your online store implementation without losing stability and efficiency by 'renting' our software in a monthly subscription.

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On-premise (license model)

Enjoy full freedom of modifying your e-store by purchasing a license and implementing software within your own infrastructure.

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More than just software

We provide not only stable systems, but also expert support in the form of consultations, workshops and full involvement during implementations. We will take care of the efficiency of your processes so that your e-store makes optimal use of technology.

Examples of our work

We advise on, we design and implement e-commerce solutions at a range of businesses from start-ups to multinational corporations, representing various sectors and business types (B2B and B2C).

  • DESAhome.pl



      • Magento 2- based online store with dedicated layout and advanced functionalities
      • implementation from A to Z - from specification, through design, to further development and maintenance
      • creation of an automatic integrator managing products, categories and attributes in Magento platform
    • Scope

      • product design
      • UX/UI design
      • development
      • maintenance

      Tech stack

      • magento 2
      • php
      • Python
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