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Do you have an online store based on Magento 2 or other platform, but are looking for new ways of reaching customers? Based on your existing eCommerce store we will build a React Native application for both iOS and Android!


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Why is it worth having both an online store and a mobile app?

More and more online purchases are made using mobile devices. Creating an application that works on both iOS and Android will allow you to reach a wider group of customers and build loyalty of those you already have.
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Increase user engagement

A mobile application allows for direct communication with customers via push notifications, i.e. short messages appearing on their phone screens even when the application is off. Regularly informing customers about promotions, new offers and interesting events increases their commitment and loyalty to your brand.
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Shared CMS for online store and mobile app

By combining the mobile app with your eShop or integration system e.g. BaseLinker, all your orders will go to one place, which will make your work easier. But if you want, the offer (including SKUs, content or discount codes) in your online store and in your mobile app may be different for different segments of your customers.
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Examples of our work

We advise on, we design and implement mobile apps for businesses representing various sectors and business types (B2B and B2C).

  • KubotaStore.pl

    • Alina Sztoch,

      Alina Sztoch,

      Co-Founder of Kubota Store

    • We've been working with e-com.house on all things e-commerce since may 2018. Apart from being 100 percent professional and reliable, they are also really nice people 🙂 Their expertise allows us to make decisions quicker while helping us to avoid mistakes that are easy to make when you're getting started with your own e-commerce business. e-com.house also acts as our technological partner as their team supports and adjusts our entire IT infrastructure to the demands of our quickly developing online store.
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      • growth marketing
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      Tech stack

      • php
      • vue storefront
      • magento 2
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E-com.APP - what will I gain?

  • API or XML-based integration with your eShop, that will allow you to manage the app content just like in your online store.
  • Fast development – we will quickly adapt our e-com.APP layout, customize its UX and rebrand it.
  • Reliability – the independent product catalogue and checkout will prevent your online store from overloading even in the event of heavy traffic.
  • An intuitive purchasing path that allows you to easily view product photos and offers popular payment methods (Przelewy24, Google Pay, Apple Pay, cards, online transfers).
  • Integration with SalesManago, User.com or other marketing automation tool, that supports sending newsletters and push notifications.
  • Consistency of promotions and discount codes with the ones in your regular online store.
  • Support for multiple language versions and currencies.

Technology stack

Our team of experts will choose the best technology for your business!

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We can also offer you:


Individual customization

We will change the layout or the operation of the e-com.APP, e.g. we will add a special intro displayed to users when they first open the app.


Analytics implementation

We will implement analytics tools so that any further development of your application is based on hard data.


Dedicated features

We will add unique features to your application (e.g. pedometer, Augmented Reality, Marketing Automation, product recommendation module, CMS banners and more).


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From the customer's perspective, how is the mobile version of the online store different from the mobile app?

The mobile version of the store is a slightly lighter version of the traditional website. You only need a web browser to be able to use it, and you don't need to download or install any application. This allows you to reach a larger group of potential customers. The mobile app, on the other hand, runs faster and allows you to use gestures and phone features, but it needs to be downloaded and installed first. In practice, the mobile app is intended for more loyal customers who want to keep coming back to your brand, which gives you additional opportunities to create an engaged community around it.

Do I need separate apps for iOS (iPhone) and Android?

No, we will create for you one application in React Native that will work well on both systems, which will save you future application maintenance costs.

Does e-com.house offer the post-implementation support of the mobile app?

Absolutely! We're more than happy to continuously maintain and develop your mobile app.