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Increase your sales and keep your customers happy using our UX analysis and improvement for your online store, mobile app or website.


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Great UX = more sales

When your purchasing process is simple and intuitive, your customers are much less likely to abandon their carts. Positive user experience (UX) encourages multiple purchases and brings you referrals that quickly become your new customers.
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When do you need to do a review?

Not happy with your conversion rate, specifically on mobile devices? You spend more and more on marketing and yet your sales doesn't grow? Users abandon their shopping carts? Request an UX review to fix these problems and ensure a dynamic growth of your online store.
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What are the benefits of an UX review?

Our detailed analysis will help you identify both the things that result in lost sales and quick wins that you can implement instantly to recover it. Make your platform user-friendly and sell more!
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Our approach

We both run audits and design interfaces for our customers. Auditing your online store is often the first step towards improving the entire user experience and making your KPIs grow. For each of our clients we provide constant testing and iterative implementation.

- Marta Wyglądała, Design & Marketing Lead, Co-Founder


UX case studies

We run audits and we do UX design for start-ups, small and medium-sized companies and multinational corporations, representing various sectors and business types (B2B and B2C).

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      Daria Leśniewska,

      Sales & Communications Director

    • supported us during the entire process of developing and implementing our new online store. Their continuous support, regular status updates and consultations allowed us to efficiently solve current issues and ensure that the platform is compliant with the rest of our IT ecosystem. In practice, we have become one team that works together to achieve the set goal.
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UX review in 3 steps



We start with an in-depth briefing to learn about your business needs and goals. Then we ask for access to your Google Analytics, Hotjar or any other similar tool you are using to understand the data you've already collected. Next, our web analyst does his magic under the watchful eye of your dedicated project manager.



When conducting the audit, we run both the heuristic analysis (done by our experts) and cognitive walkthrough that mimics users' behavior in your service. We use different devices with a special focus on mobile. We identify the obstacles that are keeping your users from completing the purchase or performing other key actions.



We group our findings into three types of UX errors: critical, important and minor. We also make a list of testing hypotheses for each of these three groups. As a result you'll receive a visual report that lists the UX recommendations, with the most important ones on top. You can also consult your dedicated UX strategist for answers to any questions you may have.


Let's get started straight away!

Contact us for a detailed pricing. We offer UX reviews of various scopes that fit the needs and scale of different businesses.


Łukasz Wyglądała

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What is UX?

UX stands for user experience, that is the overall emotions and attitudes experienced by a user of a website, online store, mobile application or other product. The UX designer and researcher work focuses on building positive experiences, so that the final platform is attractive, functional and useful, and makes for a pleasurable experience. In e-commerce this usually means a convenient product browsing and an intuitive checkout page that guides the customer through the purchasing process.

How much does it cost to do an UX review and what does it consist of?

At, we offer several price packages that vary in scope and depth of analysis. These include both a basic package ideal for small online stores or websites, as well as more robust options that include UX competitor analysis or communication, VP and store content evaluation. However, even the basic package allows for identifying the key errors that result in lost sales. Fill out the form, email us or give us a call for a detailed offer.

How long does it take to finish an UX review?

It depends on the package you choose and the time required to collect data (e.g. heat maps or session recordings) - in case of a smaller online store we need to wait longer to collect a reliable data sample. The review itself usually takes from 2 to 5 weeks.

What do I need to prepare for an UX review?

We get started with completing a brief during a meeting or a videoconference. Then we ask you for access to Google Analytics, Hotjar or any similar tool you're using - and we take it from there :) In case you choose a more robust package, we will appreciate all the information you have on your competition and the assumptions on which your marketing communication is based.