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Do you want your online store to work like a regular website while being as smooth as a native application?


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What is a Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

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Your own PWA-based online store

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Our team of experts will choose the best technology for your business!

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Why choose PWA?

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Examples of our work

We advise on, we design and implement online stores for businesses representing various sectors and business types (B2B and B2C).

    • Alina Sztoch,

      Alina Sztoch,

      Co-Founder of Kubota Store

    • We've been working with on all things e-commerce since may 2018. Apart from being 100 percent professional and reliable, they are also really nice people 🙂 Their expertise allows us to make decisions quicker while helping us to avoid mistakes that are easy to make when you're getting started with your own e-commerce business. also acts as our technological partner as their team supports and adjusts our entire IT infrastructure to the demands of our quickly developing online store.
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      • e-commerce strategy
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      • magento 2
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What will you gain by choosing a PWA-based store?

  • Fast website loading and excellent user experience – your customers will get that native application feeling.
  • Partially offline availability – customers with no Internet connection will be able to view recently loaded content.
  • Lower operating costs – instead of maintaining both a traditional online store and an application, you only keep an online store.
  • Easy access to the store for your customers - they will be able to add a shortcut to their home screens or desktops.
  • Responsiveness, that is a correct display of the store on any device and at any resolution.
  • Ease of update of your product-related content and your online store itself.

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Is creating a PWA-based store significantly more expensive than building a regular online store?

No. Building a PWA-based store is only slightly more expensive than building a traditional online store, but it allows for a user experience comparable to using a native application without the actual cost of creating one. However, if you have doubts whether a PWA store is for you, get started with a standard eStore.

I already have an online store. Can you build my PWA app based on it?

Yes, we can build your PWA store using any open-source based store or dedicated store, as long as it provides an appropriate API. To check if yours is such a store, please contact us.

How is a PWA app different from a standard mobile app?

Creating a PWA application is much cheaper than building a native application from scratch. Also, a PWA-based store can be easily and quickly updated, and it does not need a separate version for iOS and Android. As a result, a PWA store doesn't need to be downloaded and installed - all you have to do is access it via your web browser. However, a PWA store offers less features than a native application, e.g. it doesn't allow you to define gestures to operate the application.

Can a PWA app be SEO-optimized?

Yes, a PWA application positions itself on search engines. This is an additional benefit for your e-commerce that mobile applications don't offer.

Does offer the post-implementation support of the online store?

Absolutely! We're more than happy to develop and maintain your PWA store, e.g. develop new features.