UX/UI Design for eCommerce

We will design for you a complete, branded and UX-optimized online store or mobile application.


We've designed the UX/UI for:

  • Kubota
  • Desa
  • Coffeedesk
  • erli
  • hello zdrowie
  • timetrend

Are the mock-ups and designs necessary?

Yes, they are must-haves for three main reasons:
1. They allow you to see in an accessible form what the final product will look like way before it's finished.
2. They are used by developers as project documentation - they guide them in their work.
3. Mock-ups save your money - the vision of the final product tends to evolve in time and it's much cheaper to redesign a prototype than an actual developed online store.
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We combine the needs of end users and business

We're all for user-centered design that increases end-user satisfaction and conversion rates. But we do understand your business and marketing needs, so there is always room for content marketing and up-selling/cross-selling modules in the final product.
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Our approach

Today excellent user experience is the key to a successful e-commerce. We stick to that rule and make sure that the final product is not only user-friendly, but also looks great and is coherent with your brand image.

- Marta Wyglądała, Design & Marketing Lead, Co-Founder


UX/UI case studies

We design, coordinate and do UX/UI reviews for businesses of all sizes representing various sectors and business types (B2B and B2C).

  • KubotaStore.pl

    • Alina Sztoch,

      Alina Sztoch,

      Co-Founder of Kubota Store

    • We've been working with e-com.house on all things e-commerce since may 2018. Apart from being 100 percent professional and reliable, they are also really nice people 🙂 Their expertise allows us to make decisions quicker while helping us to avoid mistakes that are easy to make when you're getting started with your own e-commerce business. e-com.house also acts as our technological partner as their team supports and adjusts our entire IT infrastructure to the demands of our quickly developing online store.
    • Scope

      • e-commerce strategy
      • it consulting
      • growth marketing
      • development
      • devops

      Tech stack

      • pwa
      • magento 2
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What does our design process look like?

Depending on your particular needs, we choose the stages for your project from the following standard scenario:


Product Design

Our experts run tailor-made workshops to draw a product and its features that answer both your and your end users needs.


UX/UI Prework

We learn from you the specifics of your brand and we analyze your customers' behavioral data (using Hotjar, Google Analytics and more).


UX Design

We design UX mock-ups of the product that meet both your business requirements and end users needs.


UI Design

Based on UX mock-ups and briefing we design a branded, customer-centric product interface.



We do user testing and we run functional tests to make sure that the usability of the final product is spot-on.

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    Product Design

    Our experts run tailor-made workshops to draw a product and its features that answer both your and your end users needs.

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UX Mock-Ups

With mobile-first approach in mind, we design 100+ low-fidelity mock-ups to illustrate information architecture and show how the product works.


GUI Projects

We design the final Graphical User Interface of the product. This is where we use the actual content, fonts, logos, color palette and style of your online store or mobile app.


Let's get started straight away!

Contact us for a detailed offer.


Łukasz Wyglądała

Strategy & Business Development Lead

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What is UX?

UX stands for user experience, that is the overall emotions and attitudes experienced by a user of a website, online store, mobile application or other product. The UX designer and researcher work focuses on building positive experiences, so that the final platform is attractive, functional and useful, and makes for a pleasurable experience. In e-commerce this usually means a convenient product browsing and an intuitive checkout that guides the customer through the purchasing process.

What is UI/GUI?

UI (user interface) is the layer through which a software, website or an application communicates with the user. If it is graphical, i.e. it contains graphical elements, then it is called GUI (graphical user interface). Today, these terms are often used interchangeably.

What's the difference between UX and UI?

UI (user interface) is a visual layer (menu, content structure, gallery, color scheme etc.) through which a software, website or an application communicates with the user. UX (user experience) on the other hand deals with adjusting the software, website or an application so that they are more intuitive and easy to use for the average user.

What do I need to prepare for designing?

We need a detailed specification of the product you have in mind. If you don't have it, we can help you create one in our Product Design workshop. We will also need full access to you analytical tools and information about your target group. For bigger projects we organize workshops with the Clients. As for the UI stage, we will need your brand book with all the graphic elements you use, as well as the contents (product packshots or campaign photos) and any guidelines on your requirements for the look and feel of your final product.

What does the process of feedback and project approval look like?

We start from the UX. The mock-ups are prepared in batches and shared with the client in a handy, password protected digital tool. It allows you to view and scroll mock-ups online as if they were already live on desktop and mobile devices. Once the UX views are accepted, we base the UI views on them. These projects are also shared with the client in a digital form to maximally reproduce their target appearance and proportions.

What will I get as the final product?

It depends on the agreement, but usually we provide you with a complete set of UX and UI projects for desktop and mobile views. The UX mockups also contain comments for developers, and UI projects include proposals for animating selected elements. We can also prepare vertical and horizontal views dedicated to tablets. Optionally, we can prepare a clickable prototype (low or high level) for testing with end users.