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We design and implement professional online stores, both custom-built and open-source.


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A perfect online store for your particular needs

Sounds impossible as there are simply too many options to choose from? Or maybe the agency you worked with in the past didn't deliver? Meet
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We don't believe in one-technology-fits-all approach

Every business challenge is unique so the product that addresses it has to be unique as well. We always choose the technology that best meets client's needs.
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Go for an unconventional solution!

We start building your solution from an in-depth workshop. Once we understand your needs, we create a unique solution that meets them. Then, we're with you each step of the implementation process.
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Our approach

As every business is different, we're always focused on understanding client's particular needs. Only then we choose the technology - in some cases we will go for Magento 2, in other - we will build a custom solution.

- Michał Kloczkowski, Technology & Growth Lead, Co-Founder


Examples of our work

We advise on, we design and implement online stores for businesses representing various sectors and business types (B2B and B2C).



      • Magento 2- based online store with dedicated layout and advanced functionalities
      • implementation from A to Z - from specification, through design, to further development and maintenance
      • creation of an automatic integrator managing products, categories and attributes in Magento platform
    • Scope

      • product design
      • UX/UI design
      • development
      • maintenance

      Tech stack

      • magento 2
      • php
      • Python
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Why should you trust us?


We're agile

We're an agile organization which gives us the flexibility that is necessary for meeting both client's and end-user needs. We have adopted the MVP strategy, so you will be able to quickly implement our solution and test it in action on your customers.


We're data-driven

Understanding the data is crucial for both designing the new online store and developing it. Good analysis ensures that the final product fits your target group perfectly and you enjoy an effective conversion rate optimization.


We're mobile first

For us mobile-friendliness is simply not enough. Creating a great user experience for your mobile audience is our top priority. We will make sure that your prospects and customers will always be able to shop at your online store, whatever their location or device.


Technology stack

Our team of experts will choose the best technology for your business!

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Let's get started straight away!

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