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Get started with online sales in 7 days

Whether you're only getting started with the e-commerce business or you're looking for a comprehensive solution with all the key features and integrations, e-com.box / Magento 2 has got you covered. Its modules and integrations will allow you to build your own online store in just 7 days!

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There's more to it than just the technology

The basic installation of Magento 2 is not enough to sell effectively online. To stay ahead of the competition you also need hosting, product feeds, analysis, UX, legal support, integrations, and more.

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We will help you every step of the way

Based on years of experience and with the help of top experts, we've created a boxed solution that will get you started in the online sales. And we will stay with you after its implementation, helping you with the maintenance and development of your platform. If necessary, we will also support your sales and marketing efforts.

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Magento case studies

We advise on, we design and implement online stores for businesses representing various sectors and business types (B2B and B2C).

  • KubotaStore.pl

    • Alina Sztoch,

      Alina Sztoch,

      Co-Founder of Kubota Store

    • We've been working with e-com.house on all things e-commerce since may 2018. Apart from being 100 percent professional and reliable, they are also really nice people 🙂 Their expertise allows us to make decisions quicker while helping us to avoid mistakes that are easy to make when you're getting started with your own e-commerce business. e-com.house also acts as our technological partner as their team supports and adjusts our entire IT infrastructure to the demands of our quickly developing online store.
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      • e-commerce strategy
      • it consulting
      • growth marketing
      • development
      • devops

      Tech stack

      • php
      • vue storefront
      • magento 2
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Why should you choose our boxed online store?

The custom-built e-com.box / Magento 2 solution includes:

  • The latest version of Magento 2, the popular platform for online stores that allows you to flexibly manage the content, appearance and features of your eStore.
  • Integration with the Fakturownia software to manage your accounting.
  • Integration with PayU, the most popular online payment method in Poland.
  • Advanced implementation of the Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce tool that allows you for a detailed analysis of your customer data.
  • Integrations with Google Merchant Center and Facebook Store that allow you for a quick set-up of special offers in the largest advertising networks, i.e. Google and Facebook Ads.
  • Integration with BliskaPaczka.pl, a comprehensive solution that offers access to all popular delivery suppliers and collection points in Poland.
  • A package of work hours of our design and development team to make sure your online store enjoys a unique look.

Let's get started straight away!

To book a demo, see our pricing or ask additional questions, please use the form below, send us an email or give us a call.


Łukasz Wyglądała

Strategy & Business Development Lead

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What is Magento 2?

The Magento 2 platform is one of the most popular open-source technologies used for building online stores. We use it as a basis for our custom-built solutions - we configure it accordingly and we add modules and integrations to meet the requirements of new e-commerce businesses.

What do I need to do on my end?

We need a minimum of 7 days to implement a project. You need to provide us with your logo, structured photos and data on the items you sell and access to your accounts in e.g. PayU and Fakturownia. Then, you only need to accept the looks of your final online store.

Does e-com.house offer the post-implementation support of the online store?

Absolutely! We're more than happy to manage your online store, change its look, develop its features, introduce new products and manage your special offers.

Is the hosting service included in the e-com.box / Magento 2?

Yes, we do provide maintenance service that meets the highest standards of the Magento 2 hosting. Just mention that when contacting us for an offer.

Does e-com.box take care of the legal issues as well?

We've partnered up with a law firm that specializes in e-commerce. Together we've created a set of necessary documents and consent clauses so that your store meets all necessary requirements, including GDPR. If you are interested in such support, we are happy to include the legal advisors in the process of creating your online store and provide support in your dealing with them.