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Łukasz Wyglądała


We are delighted to present the results of our collaboration with Dafi, a leader in the water filter industry. The main goal of the project was to implement an e-commerce platform based on Magento 2, tailored to the specific needs of customers, ensuring modern and clear shopping experiences.

The outcomes of this collaboration include the implementation of an end-to-end e-commerce model:

  • multi-service IT architecture with the Magento 2 platform at its core,

  • implementation of a subscription module, allowing customers to regularly purchase consumable products with automatic delivery,

  • Magento 2 multistore with the option for easy replication of the front end for multiple stores - DAFI and SeeYoo,

  • dedicated functionality for product sets, among many other bespoke features,

  • comprehensive IT consultancy and system maintenance support.

The subscription model as a key element in tailoring the offer to customer needs

Every water filtration jug needs regular filter replacement, and consumers often forget to purchase new ones exactly when the old ones run out. The subscription model is an ideal match of supply and demand, delivering Dafi products directly to the customer's door when they are most needed. This shopping experience became a priority in our cooperation with Dafi.

Key benefits of the subscription module:

  • the subscription module enables customers to systematically purchase consumable products, which are automatically delivered to them at set intervals,

  • customers have access to valuable information, such as shipping frequency, and the dates of the first and last shipments, allowing for precise shopping planning,

  • it also offers full flexibility - customers can change their subscription settings at any time, depending on their current needs,

  • this module also provides better sales forecasting for the company and builds loyalty among customers, whose satisfaction with the subscription option translates into long-term relationships with the brand.

Implementing an online store based on Magento 2 for Dafi is a milestone in its development. The implementation of the subscription module has significantly streamlined the purchasing process, benefiting both customers and the company. We thank DAFI for their trust!

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